Most of the modern ovens come with a self-cleaning mechanism. When this option is used it basically heats up the oven to a point where all the leftover food debris is burnt to a crisp making it easier to wipe it down. However this option is does not normally work where the oven is old and rusted. We shall be looking at the simplest ways to clean your oven using common household materials.

Cleaning method 1

Cleaning materials

  1. Clean Water
  2. Baking soda
  3. Cleaning gloves
  4. Wet cloth
  5. Spray bottle
  6. White vinegar

Cleaning instructions

  1. Carefully remove the trays in the oven
  2. Mix half a cup of the baking soda with the clean water until you have a spreadable paste.
  3. Apply the baking soda paste to the interior of the oven using the cleaning glove to avoid irritation of the hands.
  4. Leave the baking soda to dry out for a period not less than twelve hours.
  5. Use the wet cloth to clean the dried up baking soda paste. You can use a plastic spoon to scrap off any baking soda that does not come off easily. Make sure you rinse the wet cloth several times as you continue to wipe the oven.
  6. Fill up the white vinegar into the spray bottle and spray all over the oven, taking special attention to any left-over baking soda than did not come off when wiping with the wet cloth.
  7. Wipe down the oven one more time. This will give the oven a clean and shiny look.
  8. The trays or racks can be cleaned in various ways. One of the ways is to place them in a sealable container, apply the baking soda paste over them and leave them to soak for thirty minutes.
  9. Rinse the trays with warm water wipe them down with a dry cloth and put them back into the oven.

Cleaning Method 2

An oven can also be cleaning by the old fashioned way of scrubbing with a brush. All you need is an old tooth brush or a brush with soft bristles, household cleaning detergent, wet cloth and clean water.

Cleaning instructions

  1. Take out the baking trays
  2. Apply or sprinkle the cleaning detergent to the interior of the oven.
  3. Dip the brush into the clean water and scrub thoroughly until all the food debris are completely removed.
  4. Rinse the oven with the wet cloth and clean water.
  5. Scrub the trays separately with the brush until any trace of food debris is completely removed.
  6. Wipe the oven with a dry cloth taking extra precaution to make sure the heating elements are completely dry. This will ensure the oven does not malfunction.
  7. Replace the oven trays once they you achieve the oven has a clean and shiny look.


There are several other simple ways to clean the oven. You can even clean the greasy parts of the oil by dipping a paper towel into the oil and rubbing it all over the oven. You then need to repeat the process you used while using a brush to clean the oven. If you had cooked a foul smelling dish on the oven, vanilla essence flavor can be used to remove it. You just need to mix the vanilla essence into a bowl of water, place it inside the oven and heat it up for over an hour. This will eradicate any pungent smells completely.



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