Making your house clean is a task many people wish they could do without. On the other hand, a well kept house makes it admirable and livable for all of us. Keeping your house clean is key especially if you are living with kids, since they tend to touch anything and even put it in mouth. Providing a clean environment is our collective responsibility. The following tips will help you greatly

  • Clean spills as soon as you notice them. Inspect the floor and counters every morning .Once you notice spills, clean them right away. While it’s easy to leave it and wipe it later in the day, cleaning it promptly will save you kid many infections.
  • Invest in Door mats. Most of the dirt on the floor is carried by the shoes. Doormats are useful in scrapping the dust off the footwear. The mat should be large enough to ensure both feet pass through it on your way in. A mat made of vinyl or rubber material will make it easy to shake off dirt from the shoes
  • Always close the doors. Most dust is blown into the house through open window or doors. It’s advisable to minimize the periods in which doors and windows are open, and you will prevent dust from piling up on floor surfaces. This is important especially if you have kid or a relative who is allergic to dust or pollen grains
  • Invest in air filters. High quality air fitters are highly recommended for dirt free and clean house. They ensure the air circulating in the house is free from impurities. Once you have filters fitted in you clean house, don’t allow other impurities from inside e.g smoke. It’s advisable to regular service the filters and replace them as advised by the technicians.
  • Be conscious with Pets. Pets can bring a lot of dirt into the house if not properly supervised. Since they jump a lot on a bare ground at the yard, they usually carry a lot of dirt. It’s advisable to keep a close watch over your young kids not to touch them or even lick their fur. Always ensure that their fur is brushed regularly to eliminate any loose fur. Washing your pets regularly is also recommended.
  • Regularly wash floor carpets. A clean carpet is necessary for both appearance and cleanliness of your house .A clean carpet contributes to a clean atmosphere while a dirty one can bring respiratory and other diseases. A clean carpet gives a healthier environment for crawling kids in the house.
  • Use litter bins. Unwanted substances in the house should be deposited in the litter bin awaiting proper disposal. The contents of waste should not be left exposed as they can pollute the environment and cause sickness. Waste bins should be tightly closed and placed where kids cannot interfere with them.

These are some of the basic tips that ensure a clean and livable house. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act, the earlier you do it, the better. A clean house doesn’t only look great; it also gives your kids and entire family a germ-free environment.


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